Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Big TO

We are in Toronto - David is slaving away at some accounting conference where the keynote speaker closed his remarks with not one, but two songs yesterday. Yes! What is the accounting profession coming to!
We have a fabulous view of this very busy city from the 35th floor of the Sheraton where we pay $17/night for internet! And the the room does not have a fridge. But well, the rest is fine.

Walked to the mall. Torontonians walk with purpose here. If you don't keep up you might get trampled.  Just warning ya. It ain't Victoria. I spent 4 hours in the mob yesterday and didn't find a thing I liked - a pair of shoes for David. So this morning I bought a pair of boots and a new purse (Black Friday specials), on line, from the comforts of my hotel room. Naturalizer is so convenient.

So that is my shopping experience in Toronto. I wanted to go to Talbots, my favourite store, but that is a cab ride away. :(   So that will have to wait fr my next trip to Victoria.

Some photos of the trip so far.

Yes, I do think that Toronto consumes at lease 60% of all Canadian electricity. Good thing Niagara Falls is close by! They also work way too late. I know!
I have a 200mm zoom lens. Just saying….
see the cn tower there?

 Good Morning Toronto!!

 Sunrise over Lake Ontario - it is there. Really it is! 

 Looks way more impressive then it really is. 
Came home with a minimally used credit card and sore feet. 
Which is probably a good thing. 
Made up for it this morning. :) 


Anonymous said...

Great shots of downtown Toronto. I actually love the pulse and energy of Toronto. My daughter did her Master's at U of T and I had the opportunity to visit the city a few times and actually loved it. Definitely much busier than Victoria!!,
Maureen in Vancouver

Julie Cortens said...

Yes there is a lot of energy in Toronto. I suppose once I adjusted I too would enjoy it. A vibrant city for sure!