Friday, 29 November 2013

Little Anthony's

Or LA for short.
A recommendation from Andrew at the concierge. I said "where is  a good Italian restaurant close by - my feet are KILLING me" (mall walking)
It was across the street.
It was fantabulous!!
Except I had my heart set on a Mojito and they couldn't make one. No mint. Not in season. Since when does anything have to be in season in Canada?

But the gin and tonic was really good and my disappointment faded quickly. And I am going to keep my eye out for some of these cocktail glasses. BTW - these shots are at a 2,000 ISO - for you photography people. Which is why I love my Mark III almost as much as my children.

 Truffle Honey & Buffalo Milk Ricotta Crostini
We were off to a fantastic start!

 Bresota and Beet Salad - with a wonderful smoked meat. 
"Why did I take so long to discover beets" says David.

 And for secondi…
Pan Seared Salmon
Eggplant gratin, Balsamic cippolinis, tomato and Olive ragu

Ate it all! 

 Bill's recommendation. :) 

 Classic Tiramisu for my chocolate lover. 

Italian Vanilla Gelato for me. 

Our thanks to our wonderful waiter - Bill H.
shhh (who is Greek and not Italian)

Now, all my faithful blog followers, stay tuned. 
I am on holidays for the next week (YEEHAW!!!!) and that means I will blog daily (mostly). 
And take a LOT of photos. :) 
probably of food!

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Anonymous said...

Food looks wonderful. Have a great holiday Julie - you deserve the break! Looking forward to seeing your photos and finding it where you are!
Maureen in Vancouver