Sunday, 2 December 2012

Just an ordinary Saturday

with the grand girls.

First up was a little playing in grandmas studio...... it didn't last long. :)

 My little elf 

 My little sweetheart. She crawled today. sigh.....

 Then on to Eva's first experience with finger paints. 
She was a little hesitant to get her hands all dirty but she warmed up to it. 
 Then time for a snack - Eva carefully peels her orange then puts the peel in one pile and the orange segments carefully separated into another pile. Then she is ready to eat. :)

 Time for some outside fun on the toboggan. I thought we had given away all our toboggans but I found one behind the shelves in the garage. A Chiquita banana box on top of the sled, some warm blankets and we were on our way.

 Norah liked it so much she fell asleep 

A splendid day. Didn't get a thing done around the house!!

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable.