Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A very Special Christmas Gift

I have been making my Christmas list and checking it more then once. From decorations outside and in, foods, social events, crafts and gifts, I find I am putting a lot of time, energy and yes, money into this season. I struggle with this because sometimes I think that the only ones to really appreciate all this spent energy and money are the shareholders of the mega stores I frequent this time of year. Oh I know my family appreciate and look forward to all out traditions, but the joy of Christmas is slipping through my fingers as I try to find meaning to all this indulgence.

The loved ones on my list are getting gifts they will no doubt like.... but do they really need these items? Would their lives be much different if they didn't  receive them?

Likely not, but there has to be something under the tree for them, and there will be; tradition and habits dictate it. :)

But I am cutting back this year. They are getting older and more independent.... except the grand girls...

Instead I am spending some of the Christmas budget on building a water well for a very impoverished village of people who have probably never heard of Christmas or gift giving, or butter tarts and shortbread... it may have an impact that will last a lot longer then that great Eddie Bauer shirt.

A well you say?
Yes, a well.
A well that pumps clean water to children and their families. Clean water - something we just expect to flow from our taps every morning.

What has that got to do with Christmas? In some ways nothing. But in many ways it has a lot to do with what Christmas is really about; giving life.

So I am inviting you to please watch this short video

Then join me in building a well for some very needy people this Christmas by clicking HERE

My daughter-in-law is trying to raise enough money this Christmas to give a village a new well. They cost $1000, but they can save a village of people.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if the people who visit this blog could raise enough money by Christmas to have a well purchased and installed?

If you decide to join us in this effort, please leave a comment and let us know. We would be so blessed!


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

I understand your struggle with the tradition of so many gifts at Christmas time. Four years ago, I made the decision (in consult with all of the young adults) to have a gift exchange. We put names in a hat, and draw. We try to keep it around $50. Everyone was very happy not to have "stuff" and it is actually so much more meaningful to choose one gift than to scramble for ideas for many gifts. We still do the stockings - no-one wanted to scrap that idea. But instead of me filling them all - each family member puts in 3 items to everyone's stockings. This makes for so much less work for me - it is what I call "sharing the load". There are 10 adults for our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day festivities. We have one grandson - and of course he gets gifts from everyone!! Last year we did a Secret Santa gift exchange but no-one has mentioned that this year - I think they are all growing up. Yeah!!! And I agree with you about giving to charities - the extra money that I would have spent on gifts, I give to 3 charities, and I make a gift basket for a refugee family.
Enjoy the true meaning of the season - keep the CHRIST in Christmas.

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks for all those great ideas. I love the idea of sharing in the stocking stuffers because that one stumps me every year and I have 8 stockings to fill this year. I am going to propose that for next year. Problem is there are too many men in our family and, well, they are really last minute shoppers who end up spending more then they can afford. Our kids do the draw thing... but I coordinate it because some are miles away... which means that so far this year I have purchased three gifts. :) But we are cutting way back and focusing on time around the table sharing food, conversations and games. The grand babies are the exception. :)

I love the idea of a gift basket for a refugee family. I am going to have to look into that as well. I see there are many places in our own "back" yard" where we can put our energy and resources to good use.