Sunday, 30 December 2012


I am reading a book/study on meaningful portraiture. Today I was to take 10 photos of a person in 10 minutes.
I managed to get these 10 of Eva in about 2 minutes. Not that we were to do this as fast as possible, Eva just cooperated beautifully.
F 2.0
iso 800
at Montana's for lunch... wb tungsten.

Eva was such an angel in church today. For 2 hours she sat with us and amused herself, laughed, sang and was such a joy. Last night she slept in her big girl bed all by herself and Norah graduated to the crib. Maybe she just feels grown up now.

I love all her wonderful expressions.

Here she is showing grandma her "excited look". She perfected this on Christmas morning no doubt. :)


Anonymous said...

I was there and I saw the whole thing...unfortunately, from the back.
These are great shots

Julie Cortens said...

LOL Thanks Grandpa!