Saturday, 3 March 2012

Grandma Bragging - I'm Allowed

Miss Eva just keeps impressing us. Not only has she almost mastered the computer (sort of) but get this!! She drinks her milk from a cup without any spills now. Unless she spills it to finger paint on her tray. Which is on purpose and just shows she is smart and creative.
My, how she just impresses us more and more every day.  And really we are not just saying that because she is OUR grand daughter. Ask her Grandpa! or her Uncles!
She is here for a sleepover tonight....

This girl is serious about all things electronic... it is scary how much she knows. 
Anyone recognize that cup? Her mom drank out of it. :)
 Look Grandma! No hands!
Just pure sweetness!
And she knows it! Cause she is so smart. :)
With just a pinch of smarty pants!

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Allie said...

Haha! Those are great. I LOVE her hair like that. Tanis laughed at the "No hands!" one and the funny face one a few below it. :)