Monday, 5 March 2012

Girl Time

I had Eva most of the day today. It started with lunch out for the girls at Moxie's - Grandma's treat for Eva and her Mom.

 Waiting for dessert. 

We splurged! 

and had so much fun!

Then Mom took off for 4 hrs of pampering at the spa and Grandma and Eva headed to Indigo where Grandma spent way too much on photography books..... WAY too much. 

Then it was off to Grandma's house where Eva learned to make snowballs with Grandma.
We also made a double batch of chicken tortilla soup! Fabulous! Sent some home for Eva's Daddy tonight. We danced, read our new books (Eva's, not Grandma's) and laughed at each other. We are so silly sometimes. :)
 I see so many glimpses of Eva's mommy in this very happy, content little girl. 
I wonder what her little sister will be like? :)

 Oh how we adore this little one!!
Grandpa - you missed a perfect day! And we missed you!


Anonymous said...

These shots are absolutely too good! You could do a whole book on the great pix you've taken.
Sorry I wasn't there for the fun.
How can I get these on my iphone??
(Eva's) Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Eva is absolutely picture perfect. Her hair is so beautiful.
In some of the photos she looks so much like her Mom, but of course she has her Dad's colouring.
Great photos, Julie.
Maureen in Vancouver

Michelle said...

Oh Julie, she is sooo precious! Those eyes are amazing!
Great photos, as always!

Anonymous said...

I love those dessert photos!!