Thursday, 8 March 2012

I'm in Wpg

Long story but I flew to Wpg this morning and had some time with our son Mark so we went down to the The Forks to see if we could get some photos. It is a pretty happening place. Unfortunately the very strong winds kept us indoor..... and also kept David on the highways in whiteout conditions but he did make it safely for which I am thankful. 

Met Nick owner and chief cook at Bella Casa. mmmm It smelled so good there and Nick wanted to know what magazine we were shooting for. :) He gave Mark and I a free sample of his work and it was incredibly delicious. If you are ever at the Forks, head indoors and look for Casa Bella.

Mark chose the strawberry. I chose the lemon - decadence! 

Below is the upper opening to a teepee I wondered into to get out of the wind. I know nothing about teepees except there was no wind in there. 

I am reading a great photography book right now by David duChenin - a Canadian photographer of note!
So I am trying to master (figure out) people photography in public places..... this is Mark - an easy target. :)  Loaded with gear. Wish he was rich and we could travel to exotic places and photograph for hours on end. I am not getting any younger. :)

I have learned from David duChemin's book that the best approach is to engage people, get to know them and what they do and then ask permission. I found this came very naturally for me. Nick was more then happy to pose for us and talk about his great creations. And treat us!
Yeah! Success!
Nick takes his profession seriously. His food is not only delicious, but beautiful. Wish we had more time to photograph all his wonderful desserts. You can read about Cassa Bella at The Forks HERE
If I lived in the Peg, I would be down here every week!

This shot below was taken from the Assiniboine River just before it meets up with the Red. I took a similar photo last summer when the water was so high a boat almost didn't fit under the second bridge. Try to imagine that.  You can see that top water line. My only wish for this photo would have been to have a couple of kids playing hockey on the ice.
But I am loving this shot. Maybe it should have been my 365 for the day. But Nick was just so darn nice to us.

We are now parked in a hotel - a noisy one at that. It is filled with track students who finished competing at the U of M today..... so the celebrations are on tonight. Minimal sleep although it seems to have settled down now (1am)
We will see how the highways are tomorrow. Plan is to see Davids very unwell father tomorrow in Kenora Ontario and then head straight home for the arrival of our new grand daughter.
 Prayers for  a profitable time with Dave's Dad and for safety on the highways are appreciated if you feel so led. Also hoping that Eva's sister does not arrive until late Sunday. We still need to fit in a family portrait session before she comes.

I am looking forward to April. So far it is shaping up to be a very boring month. :)


Anonymous said...

Julie, I have been praying for a safe journey for you and David. The photos are amazing. Was that a Farmer's Market Building? It reminds me of Markets in Europe. Did the dessert taste as amazing as it looked? Heather

Julie Cortens said...

Yes Heather this is the huge indoor farmers market at The Forks in downtown Winnipeg. W are home safely as of Saturday afternoon and babysitting Eva while her mom gets some rest. We were also able to make Kenora the next day - highways fair.
Thanks for your prayers. Much appreciated.