Sunday, 8 May 2011

More Eva

... because she is so much fun to photograph and because I didn't get to the chapter on B&W in CS5 as I had hoped. You can only read/study so much at a time. The brain didn't get much of a rest this weekend from my work week. And with that cake I ate on Friday - well......

Plus I was distracted by a wedding portraiture DVD that also arrived Friday. For the photographers out there - Doug Gordons Bride and Groom Glamour Flow Posing. The jury is out on whether it was worth what I paid for it. I will give it all a try with my shoot next weekend and let you know.

So I feel like I have been in class all weekend - I did get the laundry done. And ate too much.

This is Eva on her daddy's lap playing Liars Dice with us last night. 

 Hey Dad - you got three sixes! Way to go!   shhh Eva - stop telling everyone what I got. 
 Hurry up Dad. Let's see what ya got!
 haha - you got em this time Dad!
 I don't know - better start the bidding low. 

Harold: "Four 6's"
Eva: "LIAR!"

And Eva at Mother's Day lunch today
hmmmm I think I will have the chicken sandwich - loaded and a coke!

 Happy Mothers Day Grandma!
I love you Grandpa!

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