Saturday, 7 May 2011

Beacon Hill Park

Last night I picked up Scott Kelbys "the Adobe Photoshop CS5 book for digital photographers"
Scott is known for his long titles.
I have read a few of his books. Lightroom 2 and Digital Photography. I love his style of writing - I stay awake! I also love to read the last paragraph of his acknowledgments page. :)

Anyways, it is a BIG book and will take me about six ~ 12 hr days to get through. So far I have been at it for 5 hrs and the book is worth every penny it cost me because now I can use Adobe Bridge with proficiency. YAhoo! CS5 is no longer a stranger. We have met and are getting to know each other. I tell it my favorite things and it remembers every one of them. :) Unfortunately I don't remember everything it tells me. Also learning to understand Adobe Camera Raw - normally I use Lightroom to process all my Raw photos.

Here are some of the photos I worked on today as I plodded thru Adobe Bridge. No photoshop stuff here - just minor white balance adjustments in Camera Raw.
These are from our trip to Victoria this month following my fathers death. On this day, David and I walked through Beacon Hill park with my Mom and brother and just enjoyed all the nature and new life around us.

A Blue Heron - if you want to see his beady little eyes just click on the photo. Click your back browser to return - it may not open in a separate tab/window.

Stay tuned. I will be working on photos of Tanis soon. Hoping to perfect B&W's by Sunday evening.


halloweencouple said...

photo's are so full of color :)
love the shots you got!!

Julie Cortens said...

I upped the saturation a tad in camera - shot in raw as well. But love my full frame 5D.