Monday, 4 April 2011

New Look

Still a work in progress and sorry Laur but refresh will not take me back - I even saved the HTML code for the old look - which was old blogger but it was not saved with a lot of adjustments. And I need something new. Just because! It's apring and it has been a long winter. :)

So between flying in the door and getting some photo orders together, throwing the chicken in the oven, pouring a glass of wine and tidying up the Fam room for Bible Study tonight.... I came up with this.

And one day when I have four or five hours I will come up with something different. or hire someone. :)

BTW - Sherpa took that photo of me. :)

Oh and stay tuned - I had 6 hours with EVA today and got some really adorable photos of her ('are there any other kind' says Grandma) which I will post after the gang leaves tonight.


Bearce said...

Now this is much better! I love that photo of you - I have one like that too. :)
Can't wait for the baby Eva photos! I'm shooting a head shot type thing for a personal trainer I know tomorrow morning.

Cheryl said...

I kinda like it Julie! And you do have the most adorable granddaughter! Except for mine of course!!LOL Looking forward to seeing your photos of her. Your photography is just so awesome, I love looking at all your photos!