Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Eva Updates

I babysat on Monday...while I baked cupcakes and cooked a turkey dinner for the gang.

I haven't lost my touch. :)

Eva has 1.2 teeth. And she was happy to show them to me.

She likes yams. A lot!
"stop with the camera grandma and fill the spoon!"

 Just as an aside, Tanis saw a picture of a lady holding a camera in a book and exclaimed "Ahma!!" (translated: Grandma)

 She looks 
absolutely adorable 
in the dress 
we brought her 
from Los Cabos!!

Okay, she looks absolutely adorable in anything.

I mean look at those big brown eyes and those beautiful lips and those incredibly squeezable cheeks!

Not to mention the very stylish hairdo.

Just pure cuteness!

And if that isn't cute enough, add the sunglasses and hat.

Grandpa and I just had too much fun 
shopping one afternoon in Victoria.
She would rather look at Daddy then a black camera with no one behind it.

Missing my Dad....
Finding great joy in my grandbabies.


JM said...

Those are great photos, Julie. Really cute!

Bearce said...

She's so cute! What joy they bring!

Allie said...

Aw, I can't believe it, but she's even cuter than when I saw her in February. I sure wish you all lived out here!! Then I could babysit her too ... hehehe!

Mrs Manz said...

Happy that you can find joy in your family after emotional turmoil, Julie.
Eva really is stinkin' adorable - love the green on her! :)

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks Kendall!
Allie, you know you can all move here because technically there are six of us here and only three of you there. ;)