Sunday, 17 April 2011

Catching up.

For those of you who don't follow my 365 blog, I am in Victoria with family. My father died last Thursday and we are gathered here to help Mom. So a few photos from the last couple of days. When not gathering at Mom and Dad's we take long walks, we talk, we reminisce, we laugh a little and we keep busy. I take photos - which I find very therapeutic. I also find my sweet granddaughter very therapeutic too!

 Tanis keeps smiles on our faces.
 Flowers - appreciating them all right now - love the ladybug!
 A walk in the harbour to see the first cruise ship of the season  - a Japanese cruise ship. Tell me how does this boat stay upright?
 Morning sunrise on Victoria harbour and a pelican ignoring me. Can you find him?
 A new take on row housing. I am not sure I could handle living on the ocean.
Tanis - taking learning seriously! She counts to ten in English and Mandarin, knows her colours, can identify her alphabets (capitol letters) and strings three words together accurately. She is 19 months old! Here she sits with grandpa learning the sounds of different birds. Ummm..... reminds me a LOT of her father at this age.


Cheryl said...

my condolences Julie. Having lost my dad a few years ago, my heart goes out to you and your family. Treasure all the good memories and keep them close to your heart, they will help it heal. Take care.

Bearce said...

Thinking of you. :)

Vicki G. said...

This is so late (that's what happens when you're just a lurker), but please accept my deep sympathy at the loss of your Dad.

Much love,
Vicki G.