Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Wild West

Photos from our afternoon at the old authentic mining town of Gold Field.
It was a peek into the past of the wild wild (and may I add dusty) west.
I am happy and thankful to be living in an era of flushing toilets, electricity and gas run vehicles. It was sure nice after our time here to get into an air conditioned car, chug down a bottle of fresh cool water and drive to our friends home for a scrumptious meal and visit. I have a new respect for the women  of the wild west era.
 These are the munchkins, Claire, Luke and Jack that showed us around Gold Field.

and their parents Laurie and Jason

And that snake? Yup a rattler..... but he was behind glass. :)

Today I plan a bit of a hike up in to them thar hills while sweetheart meets (ahem... golfs) with the other execs - team building you know. Tomorrow they get to sit in conference rooms for 10 hours.
My love has asked me to please not step on any rattlers today while I go looking for photo ops. I will do my best. 
On another note, my google reader has 517 unread posts..... sigh I will get to them. Two photoshoots requiring editing await my return as does the SHR who wants 40 hrs of me a week. Ahhhhh
I am donning my runners, grabbing the 5D and two lenses and heading into the hills of Arizona (well Poenix).

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Bearce said...

Well my friend, as usual, I'm impressed! (not just with the photos - you two are really great and Jay & I are thrilled to get to know you better) See ya tomorrow!!!!