Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Arizona Slideshow

here ya go - my favorite photos from our week in Arizona.
We will definitely be going back!

An update... yes I noticed that I spelled Different wrong in the slideshow - so it is now corrected and I took the liberty of also adding a few more photos. It is still the same length - because I also took the liberty of removing a few photos. :)
BTW pointe is spelled with the e on the end. "Different Pointe of view" at the Pointe Hilton in Phoenix.
FABULOUS place to have a quiet romantic dinner - ask to eat out on the patio. Incredible views.


Bearce said...

Yay! so glad to hear you'll be returning! We loved having you here!!

Mrs Manz said...

Fun shots! Looks amazing! I'd love to see more of your shots of our girls (and us, I guess) at the pool. The one you got of our family was really good - and I love Peyton's crab-legs! :)

Julie Cortens said...

yes Kendall I have 21 photos cropped and edited and will burn to disc for you.
Laurie I have 11 for you that I will get off in the mail as soon as I can.

And I corrected the word different!! Do not make slideshows when you are sick with the flu.