Monday, 14 March 2011


My first visit to this this beautiful State.  Highs of 89F today. :)

On Saturday we visited Sedona....some of my photos from the day.

Did some hiking 

We arrived back in Phoenix in time to get dressed up and have a late dinner at "Different Pointe of View" Restaurant atop the Tapatio Cliffs overlooking the lights of Phoenix.


This was the view from our table for two hours.
Food was out of this world! I have photos of it - a work of art!


Bearce said...

So glad you're enjoying your stay! More to come...

Original Inspirations said...

Oh, I love Phoenix. And I love Sedona. You should have stayed and watched the sunset in Sedona. It bounces off those red formations and it uniquely spectacular. There are some very, very, very nice scrapbook stores in the Phoenix area ...

Julie Cortens said...

Oh don't tempt me Thelma!! I just bought some new clothes down here!
I think we need to come back and stay in Sedona - way too much to see on a daytrip and yes I can only imagine the sun rise and the sun set up there!