Monday, 18 October 2010

Family Love.

I had the opportunity to meet a special family this weekend and capture some moments with them. I say special because they just exuded love for one another. They were so happy and that just made it so easy to put their love into a moment in time.

Sherpa wanted a photo of these great "Rider" green shoes.


Michelle said...

Oh my goodness Julie! We can't wait to see the rest! They are AWESOME!!! You did a fantastic job, thank-you so much. The picture of the kids is amazing too! You did a great job capturing our family and what we're all about. Again, thank-you!
Michelle, Steve, Zachary and Ashley

Julie Cortens said...

My pleasure. Really! Photos are up on the web site Michelle.

Michelle said...

Wow Julie! They are truly amazing photos! You did a wonderful job and we are very happy! Thank-you and we will be in touch!