Saturday, 14 August 2010

Digital Efforts

I have been working away at photos from the year 2003. We did a lot of things that year (like any other year) and I photographed them all, so there are hundreds of photos to cull through! I have been scanning a good portion of them.

When I started working on 2003, I was learning digital scrapbooking so I decided that the year 2003 would all be digital. I am looking forward to seeing how the album looks when it is all done. I am especially looking forward to finishing the year 2003 because I have been at it now for ....over a year! At this rate....
I won't think about that!

Dec 2003 is when our household went digital and from then on all the photos are on my computer....somewhere. So no more scanning and fixing in Lightroom after that. YEAH!

I set my goal for 2003 and so I will finish it. I am stubborn that way. Hopefully I will get better at it as I go..... In the meantime I will try to do a little paper scrapbooking of the more recent photos.

So here you go.
A digital glimpse into our lives from June to August 2003.


A two page spread of Marks summer spent in the trenches and "gettin down and givin the sergeant 20 or 40 or 100 push-ups.

 A two page spread incorporating all the photos from a five day trip to a family reunion in Kenora Ontario.
Waskesiu - a two page layout with 11 photos.

Mark graduates from Basic Training Aug 23, 2003

 phew!! I am done the summer of 2003!!!

Some digital pages from 2010 - I am putting all my 365 photos into a monthly calendar.


And a brief reminder from January 7th 2010  just because I think we all need to stop for a brief second and appreciate the weather...... because we all know it aint gonna last!

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allisonwhitehawk said...

Wow Summer 2003 was a busy one. I forgot about so much of that. Good thing you have it scrapbooked. :) The pages look great.