Tuesday, 3 August 2010

And a few more...

I seem to be on a roll here.
Amazing what happens when you sort through your photos and clean up the scrapbooking supplies.
Those BBQ letters are metallic. Didn't handle the scan too well. This is a photo from 2007. His Father's Day present. The best part was that he and Harold worked together for several hours in the garage to put it all together. Unfortunately I missed getting photos of that!

Coffee Mug
A photo from 2009. My fav coffee mug. It broke..... and I miss this mug and am thinking another trip to Hawaii to get a new one is in order.
Don't you agree?


This two page spread has taken TWO years to do. I have laid these photos on probably 15 different papers and not found one I liked. It just sat there until I put them on another piece of paper. But this past Saturday, I just put it together and I am okay with it. What really excites me is that it is FINALLY off the shelf after two years of waiting to be scrapbooked.

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Cheryl said...

Isn't it just wonderful to find paper to match the photos?? These layouts are awesome Julie. And yes, I do think you should go back to Hawaii to get another coffee mug!!