Thursday, 28 January 2010

More Mexico

Mexico is so beautiful, even in B&W. I am reading a B&W photography mag today and yesterday and having a bit of fun finding some good subjects for the camera.

But the food has to be photographed in colour!

and for those of you who do not visit my 365 Blog...

Will post photos of Porto Morales when I have time to upload. The old laptop is taking forever to work. It is on Mexican time I think.
It has been very peaceful and quiet here - round the pool and in the evenings.
.... but a planeload from an unnamed state arrived yesterday and the party atmosphere has erupted.
Too bad.
People... just because the drink is free(or so it feels that way) does not mean you have to go at it all day!
..... then get loud and obnoxious.
Tonight we are eating at The Barcelona.... French Cuisine.....

Thanks for letting me share our week of R&R with you.
I hope one day you get a chance to run away to a warm, wonderful place with someone special. The someone special is the best part!
We are blessed and very thankful.


Original Inspirations said...

I see you are having a wonderful well-deserved vacation. I envy you as I sit here in -26 celsius!

Thought you might enjoy this:

Cheryl said...

Looks like you had a great vacation. We don't stay at all-inclusive resorts in Mexico so I don't get to see all the wonderful food like that, it looks yummy!