Saturday, 20 June 2009

Scott Firefit Championships

What a busy week!
Forty hrs at work, two bedrooms painted, new blinds installed, the entire upstairs carpet cleaned, and the garden weeded and lawn cut . I put in some long days (my sweetheart was a huge help)and slept very well last night but hey it all sure looks great. Sammy (and David)installed new light fixtures in all the bedrooms last weekend, including our new mini chandelier - which I will share pictures of soon. oh it is soooo romantic!

The fun continues and this morning David and I are almost out the door soon (7am) to grab a tims and head off to Prince Albert to watch Mark compete in the Scott Firefit championship.
A competition of firefighting skills for the super fit!

I will take lots of pictures!
....because there will be a whole bunch of very fit firefighters doing their stuff.

... and my new Olympus E30 is really up to the fast action challenge.


Cheryl said...

hey, when did you get your new camera? You didn't mention it here did you? good luck with the photos, I will be waiting to see the pics of the fit firemen!LOL

Julie Cortens said...

Picked up my E-30 this week and oh my it is a beaut - very fast and great clarity...except when those firefighters were moving too fast!
Pics of the firefighters coming up!