Sunday, 28 June 2009

It's alligator!

It had been another long week for both of us; early mornings at the gym before work, a long day and then home only to repeat again the next day. But it was 5 pm on Friday and I wanted to get hold of my sweetheart and see what the plan was.
He wasn't answering his work phone but after several tries I got hold of him on his cell as I was just leaving work,
"when do you think you will be able to pull yourself away?"

Well to my surprise he had left work already and was in the checkout at Coop ...
"just picking up some vegetables. I'll meet you at home"

As he often does, my guy was preparing a special evening for the two of us. By the time I got home, his beer was chillin and my martini glass was in the freezer - the martini in the fridge getting nice and cool.

What a nice reception.....

A perfect evening to sit out on the deck.

Nice vegys!

But what is this meat??

Alligator and sausage!

I have never tried alligator - just taken pictures of them. David picked it up at Summit meats on Central. What fun!

We relaxed on the deck, enjoying the warm weather. As David BBQ'd I took up my E 30 and did a walkabout the garden.

...the tiger lillies are running three weeks late.

Heliopsis will be full of yellow blooms soon...

Bleeding hearts are almost finished...

...the hosta's are incredible this year

The lilacs are late but I am enjoying the aroma

Can you see this mama sitting on her eggs? She made her nest in the tall cedar bush next to our house a few weeks ago and we have been keeping a close eye on her. I am sure she is regretting her choice of real estate.

Daisy's from ken - thanks Ken.

What a wonderful, relaxing Friday evening and the perfect end to a long week. God is good!

Alligator BTW tastes similar to pork or chicken. We likely won't buy it again - because pork and chicken are much less expensive. But it was fun t0 try it.

And here are a few picks from our sat am bike ride....

.... when I see a hot tub fly....

I guess moving a hot tub is an expensive proposition.

Relaxing weekend - loving the sun and weather.
Hope you have had a great weekend too. Aren't they just too short?


Cheryl said...

Lovely photos, Julie. We joined friends on their deck on friday for supper and Mojitos and Margaritas, It was absolutely great. My friend is a avid photographer as well and showed me some new things about my camera. I had brought my new lenses for him to see! He was excited too. My dh, not as much but he did say it was enough for him that I was so excited about them!!

Julie Cortens said...

LOL, my husband gets a tad bored when I am doing my photography thing but he loves that I am passionate about it and he loves my photos - wants them framed all over the house. He didn't blink an eye when I told him the price of the E30 and a remote flash. Isn't it such a blessing to have such supportive spouses. Now, he wants a new set of golf clubs.....

Julie Cortens said...

Oh ann Cheryl - mojito's - love them!