Sunday, 14 June 2009

Family Photos

Whenever I am blessed to have all my children in one place, I book Melina Perron for a family photo shoot.  Melina always comes up with fun relaxing photos that leave us with wonderful memories. We met up at the Western Development Museum for some pictures. 

Love this photo!! This one gets blown up and framed and added to the family gallery. 

We are a growing gang and with Paul and Allie's little one on the way too we will be nine for Christmas. And they will all be home... I need to book Melina again. 

Mark my firefighter paramedic. 

The very happy couple who were willing to hang out with family less then 48 hrs after becoming man and wife. 

The love of my life!

Havin' fun!

After the photo shoot we went to Montanas and wrote all over the paper table cloths - 'hangman' ya know - kind of a family tradition. So much so that if David and I  go to Montanas with friends we make them play hangman!

Then over the next week all my sweet kids slowly went back home and it got very quiet around here.....  I am kind of liking it..... a lot! 


Cheryl said...

What lovely photos Julie, you have photogenic family for sure!! Still waiting for the wedding photos you know!!LOL

Julie Cortens said...

Gosh, thanks Cheryl....but I think Melina had a lot to do with it. (smile)