Thursday, 5 June 2014

Grand Girls Visit.

The girls were over for a visit last evening. We had supper together, played in the back yard where we collected rocks, ate the first rhubarb, hid in the trees and were brave enough to hold a ladybug. Norah wins the bravery award on that one.
Then we headed to the park and play structure - just to keep G&G on their toes!
It was home for a bath and hair wash and those 20 minutes of getting tangles out of that thick beautiful hair and then french braids. PJ's on and time for cheerios and fruit. They worked up an appetite at the park because the littlest one had three bowls of cheerios. Our last activity was playing in the "kitchen" down grandma's basement where we put together hamburgers, sandwiches and pizza.

I think we will sleep well tonight.  :)


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