Friday, 24 January 2014


I think the greatest reward and the best happy feelings I get as a photographer is when people let me help them print those wonderful family photos.

It breaks my heart when they sit on the computer…. okay perhaps they are on Facebook for a while, but I am all about creating and saving memories.
I guess this is what happens as you age and spend hours pouring over saved artifacts in your fathers treasure box after he is gone.

I want all the good feelings to flood back…..remind me of the important things in life.

Hard drives crash…… I know. Been there done that. They do. And cd's do not last forever.

But family portraits on the wall or in a book filled with joy and happiness bring pleasure now and in 10, 20, 30.. 50 years. They remind us of the happy times in our lives. They keep us focused on the values and the people we hold dear.

This is the Walker family above. I absolutely love this large family portrait - and so does the Walker family. Pam had me put together 8X8 books of their fall family shoot - one for each of the children for Christmas. Pam said the silence in the room Christmas morning as they each carefully looked thru their books was palpable. Here in their hands was their own reminder of the people who were most important to them. They loved their books.. and their Mom for giving them these memories.

Do you have a favourite family photo? It makes you sigh when you look at it?
Is there a special event you want to preserve and remember for years to come?
Get it printed!
This is Ashley - her Mom wanted to preserve some beautiful photos of her blossoming teen doing what she loves to do most - dance! We went down to the river at sunset and created a gorgeous memory of this special time in her life.


frame it

metallic print

put it on the cover of a coffee table book….

but print it.

You will be so glad you did. If only I could capture the joy my clients express when there finished treasures are delivered. BIG SIGH! :)

Thinking about a special git for someone?

The ways to display your pride and joy are endless….. give me a call. Click "contact" above….. most of you know where to find me. :)

Really I love preserving memories! I am busy putting a book together with photos of Norah and Eva taken in 2013. (oh my there are a lot of them and I love them all!) I hope it will be a treasure they will open in years to come. I envision them pulling it off the shelf in moments when they feel like reminiscing. Or turning to their special book in moments when they just need to be reminded how loved they are.

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