Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Just one of those days

My Mac is running brilliantly.
My Pegusus R6 external hard drive is NOT!
I have spent about 12-20 hrs trying to fix it in the past three days - lurking in chat rooms, downloading pdf manuals, trying everything and keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't crash my system.
Getting crappy response from the pegusus customer service. Had to get nasty last night - the fellow finally said he would send it up line - well yeah! In two days he told me everything I already knew and told him. sigh…….

So I am reading more and spending more time in the kitchen. And working too (not photography).

And babysitting, lest you think I am idle!

And thinking maybe I should give up this computer stuff, camera, photography, 365, Facebook photography page, web site, blogs technical stuff and the gear - oh all this gear I keep up to snuff….

I could just spend more time in the kitchen being creative  and then…
hang out at the gym to make up for it.

I wouldn't have to work my brain.
Just some thoughts.

I might get the floors vacuumed too.
Maybe even a bathroom washed.

Maybe a bathroom renovated.


How did I get so deep into all this stuff. I am a grandmother for petes sake!!

It is not fun anymore. Well, not this week.

I think I will run away to Hawaii…….

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