Saturday, 22 September 2012

Miss Eva's Birthday Party

Was a smashing success. Well, I am not sure she actually got it all. It took some fancy convincing to get her to open her presents.
"The first gift was just fine thank you and I am not interested in what is behind door number 2"
"I would rather keep on with the hide and seek game"

But she is starting to get the whole 'blow out the candles' thing.
And she loved playing bowling with her friends.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful children, Julie. You are truly blessed. Interesting how Norah's hair looks like it will be straight such a contrast to Eva's hair. Enjoy.


Julie Cortens said...

Awe, thanks Maureen. Yes Norah is much more like her mother although those eyes are very brown! Interesting though, Eva had almost straight hair at 6 months too although Norah's seems straighter. The next 6 months will tell.