Friday, 11 February 2011


I have never been to Seattle but here I sit in the Best Western thankful for decent internet access and a great flight from Los Cabos. Amazed, actually, at the speed I can change windows and upload photos! Ah, Mexico. It is so beautiful and warm and sunny but there are certainly comforts of near home; like technology!

We fly on to Victoria in a couple of hours and Sherpa and I are both anxious to kiss and kiss and cuddle and snuggle the grand babies! Eva and Allison are already there. It seems to be all we talked about this morning. That and stopping by a photo matting warehouse on the way from the airport so I can check out some cool photo mats for my customers. And picking up the rental car. And checking in to our special spot Helms Inn. Okay so the babies aren't quite consuming us. But darn near.

And now that internet and photo uploading is as smooth as that expensive lotion from Edgewater Spa that exploded in my suitcase, here are a few more pics from the weeks getaway.
In no particular order because that would take too much time and our shuttle to the airport awaits us....

 El Arco at Lands End - the very southern tip of the Baja where the the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez (named after my husbands great great great great pirate grandfather   - just kidding ).
No photos of me getting sea sick. I didn't actually heave but it was miserable. We decided we were not cruise worthy travellers. Not sure if I took this photo or Sherpa while I was clinging to the boats edge, breathing slowly and focusing on the horizon. An hour in bed and I was ready to party again. (see below)

 Some wild crazy gringos who put on ponchos and took over Sharky's Taco's Beer and Fun Restaurant!

 Two love birds taking a spin.
 TIM (This Is Mexico) Enough said.

 This 68 meter yacht (yes - more then half a football field) called the Attessa was anchored in the bay all week. There was a helicopter on the back of it. Didn't meet the owners although several Mexican's claimed it was theirs when they served us our drinks.
The only thing that made the Attessa look small was the Carnival cruise ship. Several football fields?
Mediterranean Night...and Sangria night....

The view from the Whale Watchers bar. Yes they serve Coronas at 9 am in Mexico.
And we did see whales - well we saw them shoot air and water into the air... I think.
The marina - a whole lot of boats, and ships and yachts. And guys that want to sell you EVERYTHING for "almost nothing"

I saw three ships come sailing in......
Three cruise lines arrive wed am.

Oh the smooth tenor voice of Mexicans.....
while you lie by the pool

Look what Linda and I had to walk past most nights. I mean, how is a girl supposed to resist THIS???
Answer: wear a small little dress with no pockets and don't carry a purse.
(the guys had the money and were way ahead of us!)

Now on to grand baby pictures for the next three days!

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