Monday, 21 February 2011

Hacienda de Cortenz

The House of Cortens

Haha - our first night in Las Cabos we stayed at this B&B.
I think is was meant to be.
Don't you?

Okay not seriously, but close.
This B&B was on the bay in the Sea of Cortez - it is called the Hacienda de Cortez... but I am betting that way back when, a handsome Spanish pirate named Cortez settled in Denmark and picked up an "N" along with a few other items.

And if you ever have a sudden desire to go live in a beautiful 5 bedroom home in Mexico, up on the hill, with a large pool, on a golf course, overlooking the Sea of Cortez.... the owner, a retired Canadian, is selling it.
For 1 million it's yours. The four of us seriously considered it.... for about 30 min... over a bottle of Pinot Grigio.

And just to entice you a tad bit more.....

Just threw this in for a reality check.
Took this yesterday morning.
In Saskatoon.....

I also thought I would add that I think every Monday should be family day.
Or they could call it recovery day, or get the laundry done day. I really doesn't matter what they call it. I am just very thankful for a day to read, play, maybe grocery shop, make a Mexico 2011 photo book, work on some wedding photos (oh wait, that is technically work), go out for breakfast with sweetheart instead of the gym (his fault and he admittedly regretted it after the pancakes). Just a day to do stuff at random.
Laundry is the only guilt reducer I did today. 

Sweetheart saw me head to the computer to play with Mexico photos and went to the office to work on Tax returns - his idea of playing. :)

Bible study tonight! Looking forward to time in 1 John (a minor deviation from John)

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