Sunday, 30 January 2011

Danielle and Adrien

A fun filled day with a lot of very happy people.
But man was it cold. When the outdoor photos were taken the windchill was minus 34! But the bride and groom and the bridesmaids braved the elements for five minutes of shooting. That was about all any of us could muster.
Here is my fav photo of the day..... although I have a lot of favs.
A lovely genuine couple looking forward to a lifetime of love. 
There was a whole lot a love floating around and I kept wanting to kiss sherpa...... of course he has been away in Brazill this past week so that might be why but I am sure all this young love had something to do with it.

excuse me I have to go kiss sherpa.......

Danielle's gown was ahhhmazing. Her mother sewed it and her mother and grandmother sewed all 2 million beads on it. 
Okay maybe there were only 1 million. 
But there you go - the gown had family love woven throughout.

I think one of my most favorite places to shoot a bride and her maids is in the bathrooms at the Bess! Whoa - glamorous!

This is what the groom looks like when her sees his bride coming down the aisle......

Okay here is the minus 34 windchill part. My, but they were good sports and I knew there wasn't going to be room for "just one more shot" 

The capes were also made by the brides mom - more love.

 Brrrrrrrr  Newlyweds - taken just outside the church.

 brrrr even more taken during the reception and it felt like minus 50! Three shots, 20 sec and we ran back inside. But they look so warm and cosy....... more of that love again. :)

 let's BOOGIE!!!!

My thanks to Mark and Clay for coming along and keeping the guys laughing. I am looking forward to seeing all the great photos they took!

Now I am going to go recover....and kiss sherpa again. :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Julie! You did this lovely couple justice, I'm so proud to be auntie to this beautiful bride! Kudos to all of you for braving the cold for some of those shots! The bathroom sink one is so 'Danielle's beautiful genuine smile!


Kate said...

The outdoor photo with the candles. Sigh. My fave.

Anonymous said...

Julie, you are amazing at what you do. Adrien and I are so very blessed to have you shoot our wedding!! Have fun on the beach and see you when you get back!

Clay said...

Wow! Those are great Julie!

Anonymous said...

Which beach are you heading for Julie?
ALways nice to hear of your getaways.