Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I have to tell you about
I discovered the them over a year ago an have ordered products four times now. Every time I am blown away with the quality and service. You have to feel their cards  - super nice!
Moo makes my business cards, my little thank you tags, tags for wedding gifts. Just anything you want to put a photo on, Moo can do it.

My last bride bought the Moo mini cards with an engagement photo on one side and a thank you note on the other. Then she attached them to a little gift for each person. It was elegant, personal and very very classy.

I am always amazed with the ideas.
Imagine putting your photos on stickers - what a great idea for kids.
I have put a link on the right.
Go ahead have a visit.
You will be amazed.

And then let me know what you think. 

On another note but still related to photography, I am starting up the old 365 again. I have been putting a few shots up there for the past month but starting January 1, 2011 (is it 2011???) I will be posting according to my own very stringent rules - a photo a day!! Taken on THAT day. So bookmark it or put it in your Google Reader and see what I come up with every day. :)

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London Wedding Photographer D Sherjan said...

We love and just bookmarked them!

Thanks for posting this guys. Great site btw too :O)