Saturday, 15 May 2010

Fabulous Day

Set out early this am for a coffee date at City Perk, then off on a bike ride along the river, to farmers market to pick up fiddle heads, dropped off the photos for my most recent bride (whew - glad that is finally done), then home to four hrs of yard work to make the place look so inviting.

  We came across a skateboarding Park on our bike ride....very cool!
I am going to have to go back to this skate boarding park because the photo ops are really quite amazing.....but dear husband can only wait so long for me to find that perfect angle.....
Then it was off to Farmers Market where they always have some entertainment for the shoppers.
This guy was hanging around the yard all day - he has a nest near our back door and I think there are brand new babies he/she? is feeding. But I haven't heard them yet. There were actually two Robins flying around us and into the nest today.
Now that is a mouth full!
I think the other bird is expecting the Robin to share - but it ain't going to happen.

 A perfect end to a perfect day  - we cooked up the fiddle heads along with some BBQ chicken, potatoes and carrots and sat out on the deck to enjoy the fruits of our labours.
Thankful for the health and energy to work with our hands. 

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Original Inspirations said...

Love the robin pics - the red breast means it is a male - females do not have the red breast. She is probably at the nest most of the time. I absolutely LOVE robins and these pics sure capture them well.