Friday, 28 May 2010

Awk! She scrapbooked a page!!

I know, it has been months. I was planning on sitting down at the computer and working my way through Chapter 10 of Scott Kelby's Lightroom 2 book for Digital Photographers tonight. The guys are off to a movie tonight - Dave, Harold and Ken (Robin Hood)
But I have been, seriously,  on the computer for 10-14 hrs /day for the past two weeks, either at work (SHR)or at play(home/web site).
Soooo I pulled out some of the stuff I haven't seen for three months and made a simple page ~ Content.
Which aptly describes how we feel on the beaches of Mexico.

Then I went on the computer and made a digital page... just because one of these days I really have to finish scrapbooking the year 2003 (which I am trying to make all digital).... so I can move on to 2004..before it is 2015!!!

Now.... I will work on Chapter 10 Creating a slide show in Lightroom.
Or maybe go to bed....

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