Saturday, 12 December 2015

Christmas Crafting

Sleepover! And that means some activities with Grandma. This time it was two major crafts and some cookies to decorate. One of the crafts is a surprise so you can't see it yet. It is a Christmas gift for Mom and dad - all wrapped and ready to go under the tree. 

 It started with lunch because I knew once we got to the cookie decorating 
it was all down hill from there. 

Finger lickin' good fun. 
Eva had a method - ice all the cookies and then add the sprinkles. 
Only the icing kind of started to dry..... so more sprinkles! 
Then more icing, Then more sprinkles. 

butter and icing sugar held together with a little flour.

more mmmmm

 We spent over 3 hours working on these two crafts.
That's an orange garbage bag on Grandma's table because as Eva says "Grandma you're the smartest" 
Yes I am Eva, yes I am! 

 Eva stuck with it - Norah took breaks to provide background music on the piano. 
" I am playing Christmas songs Grandma! "

 Took until after bath time for all that modge podge to dry
but we are pretty impressed with our Christmas candles. 
And even more impressed with Mommy & Daddy's Christmas present!

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