Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Yorkton Engagement Slideshow

We were about 30 km south of Melville at the Horseshoe Saloon! Love it!!
Celeste and Fred are getting married in August (heehaw) and it is promising to be one fun shin dig on the ranch. Horses, hay bales, quilts, fantastic food, tea lights in mason jars... I can't wait!!
Here are some photos from their engagement gig. Click in the centre to see all the photos.

The photos are up on their gallery on the web site. Password protected. Sorry, for family and friends (unless you can guess the password). :)  CLICK HERE

I just checked my stats... okay you 42 lurkers, time to leave a comment and share your thoughts! 


Anonymous said...

OK. I'm one of your lurkers. I love your photographs. I've enjoyed your 365s and your professional work. I just looked at your photos from the legislature. Incredible. I don't recall how I tripped across your site but I'm glad I did. I live in Saskatoon. You never know, I might be your customer one day. GD

Julie Cortens said...

Thank you GD!!! I do so appreciate your comments. I pour myself into my photography and some days I have to ask - why? Am I obsessed? More like passionate I think - about every photo I take. Does anyone really care? Well I know my happy customers do - or at least they say they do. :)
But every starving artist wants to know their work is enjoyed by someone out there. So again THANK YOU. And yes - you know where to find me if you ever need a photograph taken. I would love to have you as a customer/friend. :)