Thursday, 9 February 2012


The things we love about Hawaii....
the fresh seafood
the smell, the sound and the views of the ocean
romantic sunsets
each other ;)

 See that big guy on the right? We are eating him tonight - well some of him. His name is Mahi Mahi. That is his little buddy Yellowfin Tuna beside him. We were eyeing him up as the fishermen brought him in. David got talking to another tourist and they decided to share him so he was cut up into about 30 steaks (15 each) ...... We will BBQ him tonight. mmmmmm Here's the plan - Macadamian nut Crusted Mahi along with home made avocado salsa and chips and coconut shrimp.

 the place

 The view- 8th floor. That's Moloka'i Island in the distance. 

 Last night's sun sets between the islands of Lana'i and Moloka'i

Lunch.....Mahi's cousin....Ahi


Laurie said...

Oh Julie, I love living vicariously through you. Your Hawaiian travels are too much fun to enjoy even from afar. Thanks for sharing, my friend.

Michelle said...

Someday when we're older we will get to go on vacations like this! Beautiful photos Julie!

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks Laurie. Happy to share - next Arizona trip I will bring the coffee table books with all the photos. :)

Michelle - Our first vacation san kids or a tent was just after our 25th wedding anniversary. So we are making up for it now. :) But it is okay to start planning now. Hawaii is a very romantic place. But also a fabulous place for a family vacation. But don't wait too long. The kids will be through university and the mortgage paid off before you know it. :)

Heather Lynn said...

Oh Julie I love to see the world through your eyes. It shows the wonders of God's creations. The pictures are wonderful. The food looks amazing. Hawaii is on my list of places to see. I look forward to hearing about the adventures when you two return. I pray for a safe journey home for you two. Heather